The magic of Cine Bonsai Junior

The magic of Cine Bonsai Junior

Cine Bonsai Junior, an animated marathon of Argentine short films for the whole family, was a proposal for the school break that turned the success of the first edition into a version oriented to the enjoyment of the whole family.

Seeking to bring the world of animation closer to the general public, especially children, and to create an open and accessible animation space for everyone, the Gaumont Cinema was filled with applause, laughter and cheers from the audience who chanted “Cine Bonsai Junior” at each short film shown, generating an afternoon full of emotions and family fun.

During the day, the directors and directors of the 7 animated short films of the cycle were introduced through a spot that was made together, using the pixelation technique; a way of converting the already known “talk with the directors” of Cine Bonsai into a version adapted for children.


Also, prior to the screening, there was a live stop motion activity inside and outside the theater with the TamandĂșa and CanCan teams, where children and adults could experiment and learn about the pixelation technique. In addition, a tutorial was played to make animation at home. These activities were projected at the end of the show and by means of a QR code, the audience had the possibility to take the tutorials home, which provided the audience with an unforgettable interactive experience.

Cine Bonsai Junior proved to be an enriching and fun proposal that created a space where animation became a tool for storytelling and family bonding. In addition, it brings the world of animation to a wider and more diverse audience, providing an enriching and entertaining experience for both children and their families, allowing them to learn about all the creative possibilities that animation offers.

The performances were a unique opportunity to enjoy an afternoon full of magic and excitement with the family, where the talent of the artists joined with the curiosity and enthusiasm of the audience to create an unforgettable experience.

So now you know, get ready for future editions of this unmissable marathon and discover the extraordinary talent of Argentine short films at Cine Bonsai!