Animation! Pitching Sessions Breaks Registration Records

Record de inscripciones

Animation! Pitching Sessions Breaks Registration Records

With a total of 229 projects registered, Animation! Pitching Sessions 2023 has achieved an all-time record number of entries; this achievement highlights the exceptional passion and commitment of animation creatives throughout the region.

From Argentina to Mexico, and spanning countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru, this call has transcended borders and has become a focal point for Latin American animated talent, attracting creatives from a wide variety of countries who will represent Latin American talent in Venta Sur.

The team behind Animation! Pitching Sessions is honored and grateful for this overwhelming response. Each entry represents not only a project, but also a dream, a vision and an unwavering commitment to the art of animation.

The diversity and quality of the projects submitted demonstrate the creative richness of the Latin American animation community. From captivating stories to innovative approaches to animation, this call for entries has captured the very essence of what makes animation a unique form of artistic expression.

With the selection process underway, the team is excited to dive into the task of choosing the finalists who will have the opportunity to present their projects at Animation! Ventana Sur 2023.

This record number of registrations not only highlights the importance of Animation! Pitching Sessions, but also points to a promising future for animation in Latin America.

From Animation! Pitching Sessions, we extend our sincere thanks to all the animators and teams who have decided to share their creations with us. Your passion and creativity are the heart and soul of the animation industry in the region.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements as we move forward on this exciting animated journey. For more information and details about Animation! Pitching Sessions, we invite you to visit our social networks: