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Animation! Pitching Sessions Awards 2017

The ANIMATION! PITCHING SESSIONS 2017 prizes have been awarded, in the ninth edition of Ventana Sur, the Latin American Film Market organized by INCAA and the Marché du Film at Festival de Cannes.

The jury at Animation! Pitching Sessions 2017, formed by Véronique Encrenaz (project director at MIFA/Annecy), Joan Lofts (executive producer of Peppa Pig, among other properties), Heath Kenny (New Zealand producer resident in France, whose clients include DreamWorks, Disney, France Télévisions, Tf1, RAI, Teletoon Canada and Netflix) and Leon Joosen (who participated in productions like The Little Mermaid, Scooby Doo, Space Jam and Simbad, among others) chose the five winning projects that will be featured in a special Animation! program at MIFA 2018 (France).

The winning projects are:

TV Series category

¡Sube el nivel! / Raise the bar!
Country: Chile
Director: Fernanda Frick
Producers: Fernanda Frick & Glenn Lazo

What would Jesus do?
Country: Colombia
Company: Be Cartoons
Director: Julián David Hernández Castillo
Producer: Andrea Cataño Pulgarín

Feature Films Category

Country: Argentina
Company: ARTAN Animation
Director: Juaco Garin
Producer: María Florencia Blanco

Country: Mexico
Company: Huevocartoon Producciones
Director & Producer: Sant Arellano

Small Town
Country: Uruguay – Argentina
Company: La Suma – Nuts Media
Director: Walter Tournier
Producer: Esteban Schroeder

A novelty of Animation! Pitching Sessions 2017 are the additional prizes awarded to the projects participating in the section.

Cartoon Connection

Full Access Accreditation to participate in the 2018 edition (Canada)

Ray Trigger, space commander
Country: Argentina
Company: Banzai Films SA
Director & Producer: Javier Salazar

Premios Quirino

Accreditation, accommodation and meals to participate in the 2018 edition (Spain)

A arca de Noé/ Noah’s Ark
Country: Brazil
Companies: Gullane – Videofilmes – Globo FilmesDirector: Sérgio Machado
Producers: Fabiano Gullane / Caio Gullane / Walter Salles



Accreditation (Summit Passport)  to participate in the 2018 edition of the festival (Mexico)

Onion the Steak
Country: Argentina
Company: Nuts Media
Director: Esteban Echeverría
Producer: Gonzalo Speranza

Mipcom    Mip Junior

Accreditations to participate in both events in the 2018 edition (France).

The adventures of Ugo and Serena, the whale
Country: Argentina
Companies: El Perro en la Luna – Untref
Coproduction countries: Brazil (Red Animation) / Peru (Red Animation)
Producer: Sebastián Mignogna

Country: Mexico
Company: Inzomnia Animación
Director: Luis Téllez Ibarra
Producer: Paula Astorga Riestra