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Associate Producer
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Tomas Dieguez

Partner & Director


Elda Broglio




Today, TRONCO is a creative content production company that specializes in mixed-media. Its productions include web series, and both short and full feature films.
Founded in 2014 by Tomi Dieguez, Antonio Balseiro and Lautaro Brunatti, it was conceived as an audiovisual factory with a distinct focus on experimentation. Its projects fuse a vast array of techniques that range from live-action, classic animation such as stop-motion, 2D to full 3D projects of high definition.
Based in Buenos Aires, TRONCO produces for diverse markets all over the world.

Hoy, TRONCO es una productora de contenidos especializada en mixed media. Su producción abarca series web, cortos y largometrajes.
Fundada en 2014 por Tomi Dieguez, Antonio Balseiro y Lautaro Brunatti, se concibió como una fábrica audiovisual con foco en la experimentación. Sus proyectos fusionan un amplio abanico de técnicas, abarcando desde el live action, recursos de animación clásicos como el stop motion, el 2D y hasta proyectos full 3D de alta definición.
Con base en Buenos Aires, TRONCO produce para diversos mercados del mundo.

Produced Titles

To name a few:

  • Series broadcasted on Amazon US: Little Big Awesome by Tomi Dieguez
  • Shorts: The girl and the tsunami + Payada pa’ Satan by Antonio & Carlos Balseiro
  • Feature Films: La Omision; Voley

Many more to come with a current WIP status.


Current projects looking for co-production



Series – In development – 8 min per episode
Director: Tomi Dieguez
Script: Tomi Dieguez and Nico Casavecchia
Genre: Sci-Fi
Target: Young Adults

Looking for: Network who sees potential in developing the series

YEAR 3030: The last city on Planet Earth is UNDER ATTACK and the only hope is a young illegal resident; An optimistic teenager with unsolicited half-baked superpowers called IOWA.



Series – In development – 8 min per episode
Director: Elda Broglio
Script: Elda Broglio
Technique: CutOut 2d animation
Genre: Educational & Comedy
Target: Young Adults (TV-MA)

Looking for: Network & Investment

Two stepsisters with a 20-year age gap and from different parts of the world, come together during their family reunions and bond over FUNdamental conversations about sexuality and womanhood.
As they confide in each other they do not only gain a deeper understanding of each other but also discover a lot about themselves.


Series – In development
Director: Tomi Dieguez
Script: Tomi Dieguez
Technique: Animation 2D – Virtual Reality – Unreal Engine
Genre: Mystery Solving / Action Adventure
Target: Young kids / Teenagers / Young adults

Looking for: Interested investors – Publishers

Berta’s journey will take us from inside her house and into the streets. Asking around, gathering information from the neighbors it’s how you make the mystery unfold.
But this story takes a strange turn and Berta ends up traveling to ANOTHER DIMENSION ruled by FUNGI!