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RAYOCABABAYO is a global studio with award-winning directors in animation, mixmedia and immersive. We work with the best artists and animators to produce top quality stories. Our work is developed in close collaboration with clients to devise original ways of thinking and telling their stories.

RAYOCABAYO es un estudio global con directores premiados en animación, inmersiva y mixmedia. Trabajamos con los mejores artistas y animadores para producir historias de la máxima calidad. Nuestro trabajo se desarrolla en estrecha colaboración con los clientes para idear formas originales de pensar y contar sus historias. 

Produced Titles

  • Tsunami Girl 2022: Corto documental (Argentina – España)
  • Case #100 2021: Corto INCAA
  • Solarians 2020: Corto Inmersivo


Current projects looking for co-production



Feature Film – In development
Director: Juli Tagger
Animation: Leo Campasso
Script: Male Zanazzi
Technique: 2D Animation
Genre: Comedy
Target: ATP

Budget: USD 1.200.000
Confirmed Budget: 20%

Looking for: Coproducers

Elena (18) lives in a city inside a world collapsed by climate change and economic precarity. Tired of being abused by her boss in a mini-market, she dreams with her friend Suki (18) of ways to escape. In the midst of a nervous breakdown, she accidentally opens a portal that connects her to a parallel universe where she becomes part of a legendary crew of rebel girls who will help her achieve her mission.