Marcelo Dematei

Director – Designer
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Piaggiodematei is devoted to creating, designing anda production animation, crossmedia and IP development. Piaggiodematei productions porsue educative and cultural values with high visual quality.

Piaggiodematei se dedica a la creación, diseño y producción de animación, crossmedia y desarrollo de IP. Las producciones de Piaggiodematei persiguen valores educativos y culturales con alta calidad visual.

Produced Titles

  • Cuentos de Viejos (Old Folks’ Tales) TV Series (Spain – Colombia)
  • Mostros Afechantes (Troubling Monsters) TV Series (Spain – Colombia)

Current projects looking for co-production


Feature Film – 86 min. – In development
Director: Marcelo Dematei
Animation: Diego Guzman
Script: Maria Laura Piaggio, Mario Torrecillas, Natalia Ader, Marcelo Dematei
Technique: Animation 2D, 3D & Rotoscope
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Hystoricall
Target: +13

Budget: USD 700 000
Confirmed Budget: 20%
Financing: We have the support of our partner HIERRO Animación (Colombia) who has shown interest in co-production and has promised to seek funds for both development and production in his country. We also have the support of the production company La Ballesta (Barcelona, ​​Spain) in the search for financing in that country. In Argentina, the project will be represented by the renowned producer Maxi Dubois and his production company Habitación 15/20, who have extensive experience in the production of feature films. We also have the support of the Province of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) and the Yagan Paiakoala community, and we will have the support of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts.

Looking for: The project is in stage of development. Our intention is to add co-production partners.

Synopsis: In 1830 a young yagan from Tierra del Fuego, Jemmy Button, is kidnapped by the British Navy commanded by Captain Fitz Roy and transferred to London. He is instructed in christian values ​​only to be returned to his land years later in order to civilize his people.