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Somos un estudio de animación radicado en Córdoba, Argentina, dedicado a contar historias entretenidas, audaces y provocadoras, creadas para tocar a las personas hablando de diversidad, vidas mentales, política, infancia y animales. Trabajamos principalmente en 2d y stop motion. Desarrollamos y producimos nuestras propias IPs originales en los formatos de cortometraje, TV y webseries, pero también nos involucramos en otros proyectos que nos gustan, como co-productoras o consultoras.

También realizamos animación por encargo y ofrecemos servicios de producción de animación 2D y stop motion.

We are an animation studio based in Cordoba, Argentina, dedicated to telling entertaining, edgy and provoking stories created to touch people talking about diversity, mental lives, politics, childhoods and animals. We mainly work in 2d and stop motion. We develop and produce our own original IPs in the short film, TV and web series formats, but we also get involved in other’s projects we like, as co-producers or consultants.

We also produce commissioned films, and we provide 2D and Stop Motion animation production services.


Current projects looking for co-production

Artur and Dropsik (Can I keep them?)

Duration: 10 x 5 min.
Technique: Cut Out
Genre: Documentary
Target: Family

A poetry-listening dog, a lonely actor, a dog that sees ghosts, a photographer with the last name «Cat”, a Star Wars fanatic cat… These are stories of animals and humans, and how their encounters changed their lives. The narration is built from both perspectives -human and animal- blending documentary, drama, fantasy, and humor.»Can I Keep them?» A series of animated documentaries about humans and animals rescuing each other.




TV Series – 13x 5 min. – In development
Direction & Script: Nicolas Conte & María Rosario Carlino
Technique: Stop Motion , Claymation
Genre: Fantasy
Target: Pre-school

Budget: USD 645.000

Looking for: Coproducers, distributors, financing

Cuando a Cata (4) no le gusta algo, puede detener el tiempo, e ir a un mundo paralelo donde su amigo PIDO cumple todos sus deseos.
Pero eso no significa que los resultados sean siempre lo que ella esperaba.



ShortFilm – In Production
Duration: 5 min.
Script: Rosario Carlino & Luciana Martinez
Direction: Luciana Martínez
Technique: Stop Motion
Genre: Drama
Target: Adults

Budget: USD 65.000
Looking for: Coproducers for postproducción, distributors, financing

After a fire, a strange blind animal gropes its way through a burned forest.
Behind its dry mud eyes it keeps a drop of moisture, and he searches with his hands and his sense of smell for a trace of something alive to feed.



Series – 13 x 3 min.
Technique: 2D – Cut Out – Cel
Genre: Comedy – Family – Fantasy – Musical
Target: PreSchool – 3 to 5 years old

Budget: USD 430.000
Looking for: Coproducers for postproducción, distributors, financing

Ada, the dog, lives quietly until a small human arrives to the family.
She wants to keep her calm doggy life, but at the same time, she wants to help the big humans to take care of the baby.
She believes that by quickly solving the baby's needs, she can regain her place and life can go back to the way it used to be.