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MOPA is an animation studio located in Buenos Aires Argentina specialized in 2D animation, made up of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Its profile is oriented to the integral production of animated projects of all kinds: video clips, series, movies, teasers; including script, visual development, storyboard, animatic, animation, editing and composition.

MOPA es un estudio de animación Argentino especializado en animación 2D, formado por profesionales con mas de 15 años de experiencia dentro del rubro. Su perfil está orientado a la producción integral de proyectos animados de todo tipo: videoclips, series, películas, teasers; Abarcando guion, desarrollo visual, storyboard, animatic, animación, edicion y composicion.

Produced Titles

  • Hugo´s new home: Teaser 2d – 45″
  • Tick Toper – Andrea: Videoclip 2D
  • Spheroids: Teaser 2D – 45″
  • Novias del Universo – rock del campeón: Videoclip 2D
  • Utopians – tren de la alegria: Videoclip 2D


Current projects looking for co-production



Series – In development – 26 x 5 min
Director: Diego Pagani
Script: Federico Pazos
Animation: Martin Figuera
Technique: 2D tradigital
Genre: Comedy – Childs
Target: 4-8 years old

Budget: USD 2.000.000
Confirmed Budget: 5%
Financing: Blu Animation

Looking for: Production

Hugo, a little six-year-old elephant, is new in the neighborhood. Having just moved in, he will have to adapt to his new life, and he has been lucky enough to be able to do so hand in hand with Nico, the little girl who lives downstairs.