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Matiz is a transmedia production company that defines itself by its versatility to design, create, and develop comprehensive content across multiple platforms. Based in Buenos Aires since 1994, Matiz has been developing audiovisual content, specializing in the production of commercials, TV documentaries, corporate videos, film, and digital media.

Matiz se constituye y se define como una productora transmedia, dada su versatilidad para diseñar, crear y desarrollar contenidos integrales en múltiples plataformas.
Radicada en Buenos Aires desde 1994 viene desarrollando contenidos audiovisuales, especializada en la realización de publicidades, documentales de televisión, videos para empresas, cine y digital. Current projects looking for co-production

Produced Titles

  • Todo se Transforma, TV Series for Discovery h&h (2021)
  • Soy Ander, Transmedia web series winner of the first contest INCAA, directed by Gisela Benenzon (2017)
  • Ley Primera, feature film directed by Diego Rafecas (2017)
  • El Encuentro de Guayaquil, feature film directed by Nicolás Capelli (2016)
  • Futuros, Miniseries for Tecnópolis TV (2011)
  • Cruzadas, feature film directed by Diego Rafecas (2011)
  • Discovering Uruguay, Documentary for Discovery Channel (2010)
  • Paco, feature film directed by Diego Rafecas (2008)
  • Rodney, film directed by Diego Rafecas. Co-production (2008)
  • Los viajes de Ulises, animated shortfilm (2007)


Current projects looking for Co-producion



Shortfilm – In development – 15 min
Director: Eleonora Comelli & Ange Potier
Animation: Ange Potier
Script: Eleonora Comelli & Ange Potier
Technique: Painting on glass
Genre: Fantasy
Target: Young Adults

Budget: USD 60000
Confirmed Budget: 6000 10%
Financing: Subsidy Emerging Cine Lab 2022 (Madrid)

Looking for: Co-production and Partners

A man who remembers his previous life as a horse, or a horse who remembers his man´s life. This horse-man recounts bad memories with some owners until his wandering finds him one night in a village. Interrupting a school play, meets Tomasa, the teacher who decides to keep him. Both have a strange resemblance.