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I am Ezequiel Torres, a Animator Director with expertise in 2D cell animation. Over the past decade, I have directed and co-directed numerous productions for internationally recognized brands such as CN, MTV, Nike, Apple, Adidas, as well as multy award-winning music videos featured in festivals worldwide.

Some of my most notable works include «The Wolf,» which has reached over 160 million views on Youtube, and «Mañana,» which has been nominated for 31 awards and has received 5 awards.

Soy Ezequiel Torres, Director, Creador y Animador con experiencia en animación 2D cuadro a cuadro, especializado en piezas narrativas. Durante la última década, he dirigido y co-dirigido numerosas producciones para marcas reconocidas a nivel internacional como CN, MTV, Nike, Apple y Adidas, así como en videos musicales galardonados en festivales de todo el mundo.

Algunos de mis trabajos más destacados incluyen «The Wolf», que ha alcanzado más de 160 millones de vistas en Youtube, y «Mañana», que ha sido nominado a 31 premios y ha recibido 5 galardones.

Produced Titles

«The Wolf» – Musical Video
«Mañana» – Musical Video
«No Lullaby» – Musical Video
“Esther” (Series – In development). Director, Screenwritter & Producer.

Current projects looking for co-production



Series 11×22′ – In development
Director: Ezequiel Torres
Animation: Ezequiel Torres
Script: Ezequiel Torres
Technique: Tradigital
Genre: Action – Road Movie – Magical Realism
Target: Young Adults +16

Budget: USD 2.420.000

Looking for: Co Production and Broadcasters

Esther is a young city girl who, in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a true Healer, must travel thousands of miles with a strange sort of mentor: an Inca God who lives in the body of a black cat.




ShortFilm – 7,40 min – In development
Director: Gaston Pacheco & Ezequiel Torres
Animation: Ezequiel Torres
Script: Gaston Pacheco & Ezequiel Torres
Technique: Tradigital
Genre: Action, Adventure
Target: Young Adults +16

Budget: USD 170.000
Confirmed Budget: %20

Looking for: Co Producers and Brodcasters

In a world where all birds are exotic and marketable animals, a group of rescuers wants to save their little bird companion, who was kidnapped and locked up in the most dangerous traveling circus of all time.