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He was born in 1990, in Boca Raton, USA, but grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Image and sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where he graduated in 2016. His thesis work, Tantalus, was awarded in the first edition of the Quirino’s Awards for Best Student Shortfilm (2017). Currently, he is working in animation independently and looking forward to directing his second short movie.

Christian nació en Boca Raton, EEUU, pero se crió desde pequeño en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Estudió en la UBA, obteniendo su título de Diseñador de Imagen y Sonido en el año 2016. Tántalo, su cortometraje de tesis, fue galardonado como Mejor Corto de Estudiantes en la primera edición de los Premios Quirino. Actualmente trabaja de manera independiente y busca dirigir su segundo cortometraje animado.Current projects looking for co-production

Produced Titles

Tántalo / 2018 / Shortfilm / Directed & Animated


Current projects looking for co-production



Shortfilm – In development – 10 min
Director: Christian Krieghoff
Animation: Christian Krieghoff
Script: Christian Krieghoff
Technique: Rotoscope over found footage
Genre: Docu-fiction
Target: Adults

Budget: USD 5000

Looking for: An internacional coproducer interested in films for festivals.

Modesto and Elba travel to european cities, visiting emblematic places. Most of the time, he’s the one recording and his voice is the one that narrates everything we see. When we get to see him, he has a horse body, he’s a centaur.
During the bus trips, he teaches us how to use his camera, and records the cities through the window.
There is a man playing Italian music on a keyboard and Modesto starts dancing with strangers in the place. We only see Modesto and his horse body happily dancing.