Micaela Gabot

Director / Animator
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Nacho Malter

Creative Director / Productor
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Damian Fernandez Gomez

Director / Author / Associate Producer
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Bellolandia, es un estudio de Buenos Aires que crea animación 2D sudamericana con una vibra anime. Nos enfocamos en historias y proyectos emocionantes y significativos adoptando una cinematografía con movimientos de cámara dinámicos al estilo sakuga. También desarrollamos IPs originales para jóvenes adultos y animación wholesome kawaii para niños. Clientes en todo el mundo han confiado en nuestro trabajo, incluyendo a Nickelodeon, Riot Games, Skydance, Nike y Dream. 

Bellolandia is a Buenos Aires-based studio that creates South American 2D animation with an anime vibe. We focus on exciting and meaningful stories and projects, adopting a cinematography with dynamic camera movements in the style of sakuga. We also develop original IPs for young adults and wholesome kawaii animation for children. Clients worldwide have trusted our work, including Nickelodeon, Riot Games, Skydance, Nike, and Dream.

Produced Titles

– Greak Memories of Azur (Cinematics)
– The last Windscriber (Web Miniseries)

Current projects looking for Co-Production and funding


2D Animation Movie – In Development
Director: Micaela Gabot
Animator: Micaela Gabot
Writters: Micaela Gabot
Duration: 90 min.
Technique: 2D
Genre: Fantasy, Wholesome, Kawaii
Target: Family

Budget: 30.000.000 USD
Secured Budget: 10%

Looking for: Fundig, coproduction, distribution.

Shenku is the new caretaker of the Greenhouse Sanctuary, a place where the spirits of harshly deceased plants work through their problems until they can find eternal peace.




TV Series – Pre-Production
Director: Nacho Malter
Animator: Damian Fernandez Gomez
Writters: Rodrigo Galli
Duration: 4 episodes of 10 min. each
Technique: 2D
Genre: Comedy, Action, Meme culture.
Target: Young adults

Budget: USD 1.000.000
Secured Budget: 20%

Looking for: Network, Coproduction

Carla and Pepe will risk their lives for the right price.




Funky Hunters
TV Series – Pilot
Director: Nacho Malter
Animator: Damian Fernandez Gomez
Writters: Rodrigo Galli, Joaquin Jasminoy
Duration: 1 episodes of 20 min.
Technique: 2D
Genre: Drama, Action, Fantasy Horror.
Target: Young adults

Budget: USD 600.000
Secured Budget: 5%

Looking for: Network, Coproduction, Funding.

Cal and Pietro will make a pact with obscure forces to save their lives and their village from an obscure awakened corporate demon force.